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About Pure Wasabi
Happy Customers Testimonials

The following are unsolicited comments from people who have purchased our Pure Wasabi product and have taken the time to write back to us.

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Ooh! That’s good wasabi!

We just broached the jar we picked up in Taupo on our way through the other day. Wow! It's not so much the heat - you’ve managed to capture the all-important fragrance. Don’t take my word for it - the Japanese contingent here all agree Coppersfolly is excellent, and that includes a visiting lady who runs arguably the best gourmet restaurant in her town in Japan.

Now to find a supplier nearer to here than Greytown...


Lauraine Jacobs, NZ Food and Wine Writer wrote in her blog on 25th January 2010 in an article titled: My Favourites: Artisan Products and Producers 2010

Purewasabi; : Grown in Canterbury and wonderfully pungent and creamy. Already mixed with a little lemon, oil and salt it has been an essential addition to our sashimi this summer at the beach, and puts the artificially coloured Japanese tubes to shame.

Read more of Lauraine’s blog here

Hi there!
I just wanted to write to thank you so much for the wasabi - your product is just delicious! I’ve never tasted wasabi so wonderful! We are already poking our little fingers in the jar when we pass the fridge like piggies - it’s just too good! Thanks so much.


Absolutely LOVING the wasabi.
Used it on some thai style chicken mince patties I made and also in a dressing for a cold noodle salad.


Hi There!

I met you briefly at the Taste of Sydney Festival last Thursday night. I love your wasabi!

I just wanted to let you know that I've reviewed the festival on my food website and featured your wasabi as one of my favourite products with a link to your website.

Here's the article: http://www.figandcherry.com/reviews/taste-of-sydney-festival-centennial-park/

Looking forward to using the wasabi!

All the best





We are travelling aboard a cruise ship and dined today at Pacifica in Napier and had your amazing wasabi with tuna sashimi... are there any retail stores in Christchurch where we can buy your product? Or maybe in Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide?

We will be at all of these ports and would love to buy some to use on board and take home with us! It is amazing!


L and E
aboard the Cystal Serenity
from Princeton, NJ, USA


I would just like to thank you for your very prompt service.

Twice now I have ordered wasabi from you and the product has been on my doorstep the very next day.

This is really great service. Thanks.

Ideas on how to use Pure Wasabi
As a relatively new herb to western cuisine, the uses for wasabi are limited only by your imagination and flair, but here are some ideas:
  • Accompaniment for all meats and fish, hot or cold
  • Add to sauces or mayonnaise for an added zing!
  • On antipasto platters with salamis, crackers and cheese
  • In sandwiches like a mustard
Pure Wasabi Questions and Answers

The colour is different to what I am used to, why?

The wasabi paste in a tube most usually available in supermarkets is a horseradish paste with artificial colour and flavour added.

Can I get this wasabi at my sushi bar?

Not yet. The paste most often used there is a rehydrated synthetic powder with lots of colour added. Again, often no wasabi.

Is it hot?

Only as a mustard would be. It does not linger in the mouth nor burn as chillies do. There is a real zing! but then its all over till next time.

Where can I get my supplies of Pure Wasabi?

Good delicatessens and supermarkets stock Pure Wasabi but as it is very new to the market some might not have heard about it yet. You can always contact us by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or use our online shopping cart.

About Pure Wasabi from Coppersfolly

‘Pure Wasabi’ is an exciting new herb which is grown in New Zealand.

Wasabi is a delicious condiment that goes well with steak, ham, chicken, lamb, sushi and all manner of fish and seafood.

It can also be used like mustard in sandwich fillings and crackers.

This wasabi is spray free and is not mixed with horseradish, synthetic flavourings or colours.

Research done at Lincoln University (NZ) has found that wasabi has many health and dietary benefits which probably accounts for it being so highly prized by the ancient Japanese.

Wasabi is rapidly becoming very popular with chefs world-wide, as it is versatile and can be added to anything from Bluff oyster cocktails to ice cream or chocolate dessert!

Production of ‘Pure Wasabi’ commenced in 2003 and is growing in popularity. Never heard of it before? well now you have! To the best of our research world-wide, it is the only wasabi paste made using real wasabi with no artificial additives or fillers.

Don't misjudge wasabi until you've tried the real ‘Pure Wasabi’. A truly unique and refreshing taste.

We have just added three easy uses for Pure Wasabi that you can prepare in a moments notice